Gold Leaf Save the Date Cards with FREE printable!


I have a tendency to go through craze's when it comes to craft, depending on the latest DIY post I see on Pinterest. I once went through a gold leaf phase, and ended up buying 600 sheets of it....which I haven't used until this blog post!

Fortunately, it meant that when this idea popped into my head, I had every single item I needed for it (that never happens!) 

This is an simple and elegant way to announce your Wedding Date, and please feel welcome to use the free printable with or WITHOUT the gold leafing. I just love pink and gold together, but by all means do not add it if gold does not fit in with your style. The pink doesn't seem to show up well in these photos, but it is a really subtle candy watercolour pink band at the bottom.

If you do use the gold leaf, let me tell you, it is messy and sticks to everything, and please don't try and do it outside like I did. It is so thin that even a whiff of breeze will blow it away, my husband didn't know what was going on when he walked onto our front verandah, there was gold everywhere!

I tried a couple of looks. I added rounded corners to some, just ripped along the edges with a ruler for the others, or just straight up cut the rest out. They all looked beautiful, but I probably loved the ripped edges the best!




  • Free Printable (Right Click and select Download Linked File)
  • Desktop or Laptop Computer (You cannot edit on a Phone or Table)
  • Printer
  • White Linen Card
  • Scissors
  • Envelopes
  • Gold Leaf (I bought mine from eBay)
  • PVA glue
  • 2 x paint brushes (One for glue, One for removing excess)


1. Edit your cards in Adobe Reader. Open the file (Right click and select Open with Adobe Reader) type into the blue boxes ( I added double spacing between my lettering), select "Scale at 100%" and "Best/High" print quality, and click print.


2. Cut out your cards in your desired way. I tried ripping along the edges of some, or adding rounded corners to others.

3. Using a small brush, add a couple of thin strokes of glue, do not over do the glue as the more glue you use the longer it will take to dry, just a very light layer will mean it will stick immediately. 


4. Apply your Gold Leaf (shiny side up) over the glue and pat down firmly. 


5. Using your dry brush, brush over the top of your foil to remove the excess.


That's it! A simple, modern and classy Save the Date all rolled into one. I would LOVE to see any photos of your creations in the comments below!


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