Free printable customised Straw flags - Add your own text!


I've always said that anyone can have a "party", chuck a few plates on the table, some flowers here and there, a bottle of coke and a banner, but to really throw an "event" is when you have thought out every last detail, from the cake to the Invitations and right down to the straw flags! So what better way to show you have put such thought and detail into your event so that your guests have the best time EVER, than custom straw flags. Add whatever text you like, Thank you, Happy Birthday, Drink me.....etc. Then print onto any coloured paper, choose kraft for a more rustic look or a colour that matches your theme. I promise I won't tell how easy it was! :)




  • Free printable
  • Computer with Adobe Reader installed
  • Printer
  • Sticker paper (or plain paper) in your colour of choice
  • Glue (Optional - only needed if you are using plain paper not sticker paper)
  • Scissors
  • Straws


1. Download the file. Locate it in your downloads folder on your computer. Right click the file and select "Open with Adobe Reader"

2. Click on the blue boxes (the blue box will not be visible on your print) and type the text you would like shown. If you need to adjust the font, size or colour use Command+E (Mac) or Control+E (Windows).

3. Choose your desired paper. I chose sticker paper as it was quicker, but you can also use paper and just put a bit of glue on the back instead!

4. Click print.



5. Cut out along the inside of the cutting line. DO NOT CUT THE POINTS YET.

6. Roughly locate the centre and fold around the straw. Remember to choose different heights on each straw, otherwise they will all just bunch together in your jar and you won't be able to read them all. 



7. Once you have stuck both sides together, NOW you can cut your points.



Ta-Da! Super easy and a fun little project (especially if done with wine and friends!)

Hope you love it :)

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