Free Printable Bow Template!

bow free printable template


I went through a stage of being obsessed with these DIY bows, I made a bunch of hair bows for my little girl and myself! They are super easy and affordable to make. If you love DIY then give it a try! You can use them as embellishments for gifts or make bows for your clothing, hair accessories, bags, whatever takes your fancy!








1. Print the template onto white card. (Paper will work too but card is easier to trace around)

2. Cut the size bow out that you need.

3. Place the cut out on the back of your pretty paper or fabric and trace around it.

4. Cut out those shapes.

5. Take the largest piece and fold the arms around to the back, and line them up in the centre. Glue in place.

6. Place this on top on the second largest piece and glue in place. 

7. Place a dab of glue on the front centre, and place the smallest band piece central, fold the arms tightly around to the back and glue these down.

8. Use a piece of double sided tape to attach the whole thing to your gift! Or if you are using it for hair bows, use some super-glue to attach to your clip or band.



There you have it! If you get crafty and make some creations with the template, I would love to see them! You can tag me on instagram @pennylanestationery 

Happy crafting!

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