Free Learning Printables for Kids

ABC alphabet free learning printable

In these crazy times that we are going through at present, I - like many of you - have had to put teacher hat on and try to give some sort of education to my two little ones myself! I found myself trying to use resources I had at home, but boy is it hard to hold their interest, I take my hats off to teachers of all ages! My youngest daughter is 4 and has really been enjoying matching games, so I decided to whip up this simple little matching alphabet game for her, and would love for you to use it too! The images are all little hand drawn doodles (my son loves it when I use that word) that I have made over the years for various projects. 
To use them, simply print two copies, cut one lot out and use them to place over the top of the other copy! If you want to laminate them that is a great idea to help them last longer, but not really necessary!
I hope you enjoy, I will add more printables to this page as I create them!

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