DIY Rustic Pipe Table Number Hangers with FREE printable flags!

Wedding Decor

One of the most popular themes of Weddings that I design for is the rustic wedding, also called industrial, barnyard, backyard, or farm weddings. Natural, raw, moody, dark, it's a beautiful theme that contrasts so beautifully with the elegance of a wedding. I ummed and ahhhed about the colour for this stand. I was considering metallic gold, but I felt it didn't quite match the rugged appearance of the pipe. These DIY pipe stands are an easy and affordable addition to your rustic wedding table centrepieces!
Materials Needed
  • Free Printable
  • Card - Colour of your choice, the background of this printable is transparent, and only contains black text, so print onto Kraft Card for a Rustic look, White for an Elegant feel or coloured card to match your Wedding theme!
  • 1 x 10" length of galvanized pipe  - purchase at your local hardware store
  • 1 x "6 length of galvanized pipe 
  • 1 x pipe cap
  • 1 x Wood Block
  • String or Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Spray Paint



1. Using the pipe bend, screw the 2 pipes together.



2. Paint your pipe in your chosen colour using 2-3 light spray paint coats (not 1 thick one!)


3. Cut a square piece of wood. I used an old pallet we had laying around, stained it with a dark wood oil and left it rough for a more rustic look, but feel free to use whatever suits your theme best! Leave it raw or paint it in a complimenting colour.

4. Using your spade drill bit, drill a hole in the centre. Try not to go to big so that it wobbles around, you want a nice snug fit.



5. Insert your pipe into the hole, if it is slightly too loose, add a little wood glue.



6. Cut out your flags along the inside of the cutting line, punch a hole in each corner.



7. Using your twine or ribbon, attach the flags to the pipe stand.



That's it! Super simple, affordable and appealing rustic table number holders. if you have tried this tutorial or something similar, let me know how it turned out in the comments!



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