Top 20 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas!

diy top 10 wedding favors


Favors - or Bonbonnières - are given to guests of a party as a token of thanks and appreciation for attending, and a memento for them to remember the event by. Believed to have first started in Europe, they used to be a small trinket box that was made of crystal, porcelain, and/or precious stones! The contents of these precious boxes were generally sugar cubes or delicate confections, which symbolized wealth and royalty. These days, they are given all over the globe, and can pretty much be anything that you would like! Here are some of the top 20 favors that are a hit with guests!


If you are in the market for some DIY tags, be sure to check out our DIY printable wedding favour tags!



1. Test tube favors! I love that these are simple and can be filled with anything you like. Here they have added tea leaves, honey, and bird seed!

via Darice



2. Succulents are such a great gift to give because they are hardy and difficult to kill! They are also cheap to grow as you can just snap a leaf off, place it under some soil and it will start growing as a new plant! Check out our DIY "Let Love Grow" tag!

via Penny Lane Stationery



3. This would be a fabulous favour for the couple who loves to cook! Simply grab some small bottles from your dollar store, add some oil and herbs and pop a sticker on the front!

via Lia Griffith



4. Tic Tacs can be picked up from as little as a $1 per packet, so this would be an amazing favour for the bride on a budget! Check out our white floral "Mint to Be" tic tac wrapper to add to them!

via Penny Lane Stationery



5. A custom CD would likely not be the cheapest favor to give (unless you can burn them yourself!) but it certainly would be the ultimate DIY, and such a memorable gift too with all your favourite wedding songs!

via Not on the High Street



 6. Did you know smore's are not really a thing here in Australia? I know, pretty devastating as they look absolutely bloody delicious! 

via Mavora



7. If you are a tea-loving couple, then consider giving some tea bags as a favor! Not to mention useful and delicious, they would also be an incredibly cheap favor to give! Simply rip off the existing tag and glue on a custom little tag with your details. Check out our "Love is Brewing" tag for an easy DIY project!

via Penny Lane Stationery



8. Custom keyring are such a popular and well liked gift! Especially if it's something useful like a bottle opener or a little torch. 

via Not on the High Street



9. Get your Nanna cooking some of her delicious home made jam and pop it in some small jars for a sweet and yummy favor! Check out our "Spread the love" favor tags to stick on the front!

via Penny Lane Stationery



10. Certainly a practical favor as I'm sure almost everybody struggles with not having enough socks! (or is that just me.....)

via nocoldfeet



11. This may not be the most inexpensive favor, but I guarantee it will be the most well liked by your guests! Check out our little "We tied the knot, so take a shot" tags here!

via Penny Lane Stationery



12. If you have lots of children attending your wedding then this cotton candy favor would go down a treat!

via Wear4Trend



13. Perfect for an Autumn wedding (for some reason pretzels remind me of Autumn) or just the couple who loves their baked goods.

via Prepping Parties



14. If you live in a cold part of the world, or are planning a winter wedding then I'm sure a blanket would be much appreciated!

via The SW Belles



15. Lip balms can be picked up for only a few dollars each, add some DIY labels on the front and you will have an affordable and practical wedding favor!

via Friendly Body Product



16. Being a dog lover I absolutely heart this idea and totally wish I did it at my wedding! I actually mentioned my dogs in my wedding speech, many people rolled their eyes LOL

via Here Comes the Guide



17. Soap bars require only a few ingredients and a mould, mix it all together, let them set and voila! 

via PopSugar



18. Considering the popularity of this wonder drug, I have no doubt a bag of coffee grounds would be well received as a favor!

via Evermine



19. If you are environmentally conscious, then a packet of seeds if a wonderful way to give back to the earth! Be sure to use plastic free packaging so they can be recycled afterwards!

via Plain Jane 




20. Last but not least, a small candle in a tin with a sticker is a fun DIY favor for the crafty Bride or Groom! 

via Foxblossom


Let me know if you have any others you would like to add in the comments!

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