Top 5 Hottest Trends in Baby Shower Themes!


So you’re expecting and already dreaming about your perfect baby shower? Are you toying with a gender neutral theme or perhaps going all out in pink or blue? Trying to decide on a theme can be stressful; so we have gathered up the hottest trends in baby shower themes in one place, so you can get started on your plans! 


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Tropical Greenery

Let the lush jungle surround your guests in gorgeous shades of intense greens, accented with hits of gold. Be inspired by jungle plants like Monstera deliciosa and Traveller's Palm and turn your event into a Jungle paradise. Accessorize with real leaves and tropical plants which will welcome your guests into this luxurious theme. 

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The whole world has gone succulent crazy, and who can blame them? Fun little plants which are not only hardy but also come in the most amazing array of colours and shapes; you can understand why they are a major hit. Use soft blue greens, pinks and browns and this theme could be done gender neutral or pushed into a more masculine or feminine version. Send your guests home with their own mini succulent and everyone will have a great time! 

- For more inspiration, visit our Succulent Moodboard on Pinterest!

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Navy and Gold

One of the hottest color trends that we have been seeing recently is navy blue and gold. Whether you want polka dots, minimal color block or an overload of gold, navy and gold are the “it” couple right now. How you choose to celebrate this vibrant color combo is up to you. One thing is for sure: if you dive right in, it will be a party to remember!

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Who doesn’t like pineapples? Fun fresh and zesty, they are the fruit with the biggest personality! How could you not have fun at a pineapple party? Get your friends together to celebrate a new Mom and get ready for a fantastic time! Bonus: they already come with their own green and yellow colour theme AND you can use them as decorations! Carry the theme through all of the food and it is guaranteed to be a hit. 

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This theme can be interpreted with a country twist or pushed into a more modern vibe. It could even be a garden party! Let your imagination run with the theme and see where it takes you. Beautiful flowers add softness and beauty to your event and is a perfect backdrop to celebrate a new mom. Accent with real flowers in shades of white and green and make it an occasion to remember. 

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What theme are you thinking about? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts! 

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