Top 12 Mason Jar Ideas for your Wedding!

Wedding Decor

Decorating your Wedding is one of the most time consuming, headache forming, and wallet-emptying things you can come across whilst planning your wedding! It's not as if there is only one small area to decorate either...there's the Aisle, Reception, Drinks Courtyard, Dining Room, Bar area, Kids area and so it goes on. If you source all of your decorations from Bridal shops then it could quickly push you over your Wedding Budget! This is why a lot of Brides are these days choosing to source their Decor from either Natural sources, Recycled Goods or Dollar Store items! If this is you then good on you. By saving money on your Wedding Decor it allows you to use it somewhere where it will be truly well spent, such as your photographer or caterer.
Mason Jars are great because not only are they inexpensive to buy (Try your local Dollar Store or Cheap Shops) but you can also ask friends and family to collect theirs for you in advance so you have a nice stash collected by the time your Big Day rolls around! So without further ado, let's check out some of my favorite ways to use Mason Jars to decorate your Wedding Day!
Bride Emergency Kit

1. Bridal Emergency Kit

I love this creative idea from The 36th Avenue! Add Mints, Tissues, Safety Pins, or any other handy items that could save from disaster on your Big Day! See the full Tutorial here!
Groomsman Mini Bar in a Mason Jar

2. Groomsmen Gifts

Everybody is so focused on the Bride and Bridesmaids, but Weddings can be stressful for the Men too! Give them a gift they will love with this MiniBar in a Jar, check out the awesome Tutorial from Evermine Weddings here.

Laser Cut Wooden Mason Jar Guest Book

3. Guest Book

How cool is this Laser Cut Wedding Guest Book from Luxurious Gift Shop on Etsy! Take a look here!

Smores in a Jar Recipe

4. Smores in a Jar

If you are having a Winter Wedding and your guests need some warming up, check out this yummy Smores in a Jar recipe from Host the Toast here!

Gold Painted Mason Jar for Wedding

5. Flower Pots

Paint your Jars to match your Wedding colour theme and pop in your favorite flowers to creative these beautiful (and cheap!) Flower Pots! See more photos from The Knot here!

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

6. Solar Lights

If you are having an outdoor Summer wedding, light the way at night with these super easy Mason Jar Solar lights! See the tutorial from Garden Therapy here.

Gold Glitter Dipped Mason Jar Flower Pot

8. Gold Glitter Dipped Jars

Ok...I know I've already included Flower Pots, but these were too pretty not to add in! You could use these for anything, a Pen Pot on your Guest Book Table, Spoon Holder for your Tea and Coffee Bench, use your imagination! View the tutorial from Mason Jar Crafts here!
Rustic Mason Jars Chandelier

7. Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier

If you are feeling a bit more creative and have some time to spare, this Mason Jar Chandelier is sure to drop jaws and turn heads! Hang in a tree outside or inside your Barn reception for a truly spectacular centrepiece. See more photos of this amazing Wedding from Mirelle Carmichael Photography here.

Mason Jar Cookies Recipe

9. Cookies in a Jar Favors 

Give a unique Wedding Favor (and one that will actually get used!) with this Cookie in a Jar Recipe! Check out the recipe from How to Simplify here.

DIY Succulents in a Mason Jar Tutorial

10. Succulents in a Jar

Use to decorate your Venue or give out as Gifts to your guests - Everyone loves Succulents! See the tutorial from Life Storage here.
Mason Jar Drink Glasses

11. Drink Jars

Save money on expensive drinking glasses and use Mason Jars with Handles instead! See more photos of this beautiful wedding from Something Turquoise here.

Rustic Candles in Mason Jars

12. Candle Holders

A Simple and cheap but beautiful Mason Jar idea, just add some twine, flowers or rocks for a rustic look! See more photos from Deer Pearl Flowers here
So there you have it, these are my absolute favourite ways to use Mason Jars at Weddings. I personally had Mason Jars with Tea light Candles EVERYWHERE at my own Wedding, and everybody commented on the beautiful lighting and mood it set!
I hope you found some inspiring ideas in this post, and if you have any other ideas of your own to add, please feel free to add them in the comments below!

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